We will launch the latest Magabox MG4 Max in the summer of 2024, with comprehensive upgrades in performance and appearance

Experience the pinnacle of entertainment with the powerful Magabox MG4 Max. With 6K resolution and Android compatibility, it’s your gateway to seamless streaming. Elevate family time with the best-in-class streaming service. 



Experience TV excellence with the MG4 Max! Boasting an industry-leading 128GB storage capacity, it sets a new standard for performance. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming with ample space for all your favorite content. Elevate your entertainment with the MG4 Max – where capacity meets performance.


Discover the future of streaming with the MG4 Max! Our upgraded voice command technology revolutionizes your viewing experience. Effortlessly navigate through content, apps, and functions using simple voice commands. With enhanced accuracy and responsiveness, enjoy a truly hands-free and intuitive entertainment journey. Say goodbye to remote controls and hello to the future of streaming with the MG4 Max.


Experience a new dimension of visual excellence with MG4 Max! Dive into the immersive world of 6K streaming, where every detail comes to life with unparalleled clarity and precision. Elevate your viewing experience with breathtaking realism, as vibrant colors and sharp contrasts leap off the screen. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite movies, shows, or games, MG4 Max delivers an unparalleled level of picture quality that sets a new standard in home entertainment.


The redesigned user interface of MG4 Max immerses you in simplicity and elegance! Say goodbye to cluttered screens and intrusive ads. With our sleek and intuitive home screen, you can effortlessly find and launch your favorite apps and content to enhance your streaming experience. Enjoy seamless navigation and focus on what matters most – experience the new user-friendly streaming.


Introducing the MG4 Max with a sleek new look! Our modern mold design elevates the entire front screen, while increased thickness adds a touch of sophistication. With premium metallic accents, experience a luxurious feel that complements your entertainment setup. Upgrade to the MG4 Max for a blend of style and performance.

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