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    1. What is MagaBox?
    MagaBox is one of the best-selling Android TV boxes fully loaded. It allows you to enjoy Live TV, Movies and TV Shows without monthly fees. Just simply connect Magabox to your TV by HDMI cable and power plug, and connect Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and then you can enjoy the best TV entertainment.

    2. Do I need to pay any extra fees after buying Magabox?
    No extra subscription fees or monthly fees. Once you purchased the MagaBox, you can use it unlimited time. However, for other 3rd party apps like Netflix, Hulu or Disney+, you would need your account to use their service.

    3. What are Maga Apps?
    Maga Apps, including Maga Live, Maga VOD and Maga Replay are pre-installed apps on MagaBox. It’s free with 2,000+ tv channels, 50,000+ movies and tv shows.

    4. What channels are you providing?
    The preinstalled Maga Live app supports National, Local, Sports, Canadian, Latino, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, ESPN+, PPV, UK etc.

    For some 3rd party apps out of the Google Play Store, you can visit the Market on Home Page. We have added some common 3rd party apps in the Maga Market for easy downloading and installation.

    5. Will Magabox updated in the future?
    Yes, Magabox keeps continuous updates and add the newest content in time.

    6. Where can I use the MagaBox?
    You can use it different places with internet connection. You can take it for travelling abroad as well. (currently no service in China)

    7. Can I install my apps on MagaBox?
    Yes, absolutely. We recommend downloading all official apps from Google Play Store to ensure they work properly. For some 3rd party apps out of the Google Play Store, you can visit the APP Store. We have added some common 3rd party apps in the Market for easy downloading and installation.

    8. What internet speed do I need for using MagaBox?
    We recommend an over 15 Mbps network speed for a good streaming experience. We also recommend an Ethernet network over a Wi-Fi network for a stable and fast network.

    9. How to uninstall apps on MagaBox?
    Go Settings, Apps, select the app(s) you want to uninstall, and click Uninstall.

    10. How to reset my MagaBox?
    Go system settings – device preference – reset – confirm reset.

    11. Will factory reset erase my Maga Apps?
    Factory reset will erase all data and caches on the MagaBox. However, you can install the Maga apps back after resetting.

    12. Where do you ship to?
    We ship both locally and Internationally.

    13. What’s shipping method do you offer?
    Magabox provides a wide range of affordable shipping options, with free shipping available to specified product and promotion time. Normally we ship out your order by FEDEX, UPS or DHL.

    14. What’s the warranty time?
    Magbox box warranty period lasts 1 year. If there are any problems with your Magabox, you can contact your our after-sales service for repair or replace.

    15. Interested in reselling your products, but lacking delivery logistics.
    We support drop shipping for our resellers to save your time and cost.