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How to Fully Utilize the Maga Live app on MagaBox

Sep 30, 2023 Maga Box
We received many enquiry from new users about how to use the Maga Live app recently. This article will show you all the functions of Maga Live and how to use it.
1. How to use the EPG TV Guide

Maga Live TV app has two different styles of EPG TV Guide, Vertical EPG and Horizontal EPG. Vertical EPG guide is easy for navigating between channels and categories, and the Horizontal EPG guide is easy for navigating the whole timeline of the channel program, pls choose the one you prefer.

Before using the EPG:

Please check your Magabox to see if Timezone correct. You could visit Home Screen-Settings-Device Preferences-Date & time. If incorrect time, please turn “Automatic date & time” function off and turn it on again. it would update to the correct one.

date and time
Horizontal EPG

Defauted EPG in system is horizontal style, could press the “EPG” button or “left” button on the remote to call the horizontal EPG out. On this EPG interface, could find the Channel Logo, Channel Name, Program name, Duration of the current program and program description easily.

channel list

If wanna change to vertical EPG, pls press MENU on button and change to Vertical EPG.


Could find all the channels by categories on the left-hand side, with National, Local, Sports, Canadian, Latino, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PPV sections with vertical EPG.

megabox setting
2. How to add channels to favorites

Could add channels to favorites and find them easily. Use horizontal epg as example, please check picture below, long press the “OK” button on remote when watching the channel, when white heart icon appears means it added to Favorite successfully. Could go to Favorite to check added channels. Vice Versa, long press the “OK” button over the channel again to cancel favorite.

channel list
3. How to use the Search function

Press “left button” on remote to call search function, by searching part of the channel name or location name, e.g. Telemundo 52 Los Angeles KVEA, you can search “Tele” or “Telemundo” or “Los Angeles” or “KVEA”.

megabox channel
4. How to record live channels

Maga live added new “record” function, when you don’t wanna miss any shows could use it. Press “Menu” on remote and showing a record, and click start, it will start to record, also could watch other channels it will keep record with previous channel. After finished, pls press “Menu” and click “stop”.


After record go to file browser to find the record video, “local memory” or your SD card/USB drive.

5. How to use the 7 Days Playback feature

Currently Magabox V1 Pro model supports 7 days playback feature for over 50+ Live TV channels, and sports events like MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and PPV. With the playback feature, Pls download ‘Mega Replay” app from play store and click it, it will show some important channels with 7 days play back. Could choose which shows you like but missed.

channel list
6. How can I update the Maga Live/VOD/Replay app

1st way: If there is a new update patch available, there will be a pop-up window to ask if you want to update the Maga Live app. Press yes and it will finish the update automatically.

2nd way: Please go to app store and click Maga TV/VOD/Replay to download newest version

app store
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