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How to Bookmark a Channel Successfully During a Live Stream? Step-by-Step Guide!

Dec 5, 2023 Maga Box

In the era of modern technology, we often tune into various contents through live streaming platforms. However, to ensure you never miss out on your favorite channels, bookmarking is a highly useful feature. Today, we'll guide you through the steps on how to successfully bookmark a channel during a live stream.

Step 1: Enter the Live Stream

Firstly, make sure you have successfully entered the live stream of the channel you wish to bookmark. This can be done through the platform's search function or by exploring recommended content.

Step 2: Align with the Channel

Once you are in the live stream, ensure that your device is aligned with the channel. You can do this by adjusting your camera or orientation to make sure your device is pointed directly at the screen.

Step 3: Long-Press the OK Button

Now, the crucial step is to long-press the OK button on your device. This is typically a button on your remote control, so be sure to press and hold it for at least 3 seconds.

Step 4: Observe the Heart-shaped Icon

While long-pressing the OK button, observe the heart-shaped icon on the screen. This icon usually has five corners, representing the channel's bookmark. When you long-press the OK button for 3 seconds and release, if the heart-shaped icon turns white, it indicates that you have successfully bookmarked the channel.

Step 5: Check Your Bookmarks

Lastly, to ensure everything went smoothly, navigate to your bookmarks or subscribed channel list. Confirm that the channel you intended to bookmark is now in the list, and you can easily access it at any time.

By following these simple steps, you can successfully bookmark your favorite channel during a live stream. This convenient feature ensures you can effortlessly access your beloved live content anytime, anywhere. Enjoy your viewing experience!

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