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Digibox D3 Plus Usage Experience

Feb 1, 2024 Digibox

Recently I saw on YouTube that Digibox released the new product D3 Plus. As a fan of TV boxes, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy a new product, so I went to Electronic City and bought one. When I opened the package, I was very surprised. The package is white with hot silver  characters, which is a stable and mature color that I like. When you open the lid, you can see the overall condition. Without further ado, it was quickly installed according to the instructions.

1.Appearance: The black exterior design is simple and elegant, and the hot silver LOGO on the upper cover shows a high-end atmosphere. It is equipped with two square antennas to provide stable signal reception. The interfaces are complete, especially the 4 USB ports on the side, which can connect a variety of external devices at the same time. This is very satisfying. 

DigiBox D3 Usage Experience

2. I like the remote control at first glance. It feels great in the hand and the size is suitable. The main buttons are reasonably distributed. In addition to the infrared learning function at the top, it also adds 2 custom shortcut keys. Users can customize the APP they need, making it even easier to control.

DigiBox D3 Usage ExperienceDigiBox D3 Usage Experience


3.Boot-up guide: This is very worthy of praise. The remote control has Bluetooth smart quick pairing, 12 languages to choose from, WIFI link and other setting operations that are as smooth as silk.

DigiBox D3 Usage ExperienceDigiBox D3 Usage ExperienceDigiBox D3 Usage ExperienceDigiBox D3 Usage Experience


4.Boot test: It reaches the main interface within 25 seconds, which is satisfactory. The main interface is simple, elegant, user-friendly, and fluent.

DigiBox D3 Usage Experience


5.Digibox RCU APP has been tested and found to have three major functions: 1. The mobile phone can be used as a remote control; 2. It can transfer files, pictures, and videos; 3. It can install many third-party APKs.

DigiBox D3 Usage Experience



6.  Test the voice function of the Digibox (Note: I guess not all APPS are compatible with the voice function of the Digibox ). If it is not supported, please use traditional search methods, such as text/pinyin, etc.). The experience feels extremely accurate and responsive. You can ask GOOGLE the weather by voice/open APPS/adjust the volume/ask GOOGLE to tell you a joke...and other functions. Before using this function, you need to log in to the GOOGLE PLAY market first, and then press and hold on the home screen. The voice button on the remote control can issue. commands to the GOOGLE voice assistant.

DigiBox D3 Usage Experience

7.HDMI CEC function. If your TV supports this function, you can use the TV remote control to control the switch of the Digibox. This function is turned on by default and users do not need to turn it on manually.

DigiBox D3 Usage Experience


8.  Enter the main interface and click on the APP STORE that comes with the box to find popular third-party APPs CAT TV, CAT VOD, CAT BACK, Prime Video, YouTube 4k, and other top-ranked APPs that can be installed.

DigiBox D3 Usage Experience



Overall, this new high-performance Android TV Box is undoubtedly an impressive product. In terms of operating system and interface, Digibox D3 Plus uses an Android 12 system. The interface is simple and elegant, very user-friendly, and smooth. From the perspective of hardware configuration, it uses the new h618 chip, G31 M2 GPU, and supports the latest mainstream video codec formats such as H265 Main10@L5. 1 decoder up to 4K@60fps or 6K@30fps, with stronger performance and better performance in high-definition video playback.

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